The decision of the Dutch court

Dutch court decided the fate of an elephant named Buba, inhabitant of the circus "Freiwald". The activists demanded to confiscate and take the animal to place it in a German Park ... the Argument that "Buba" suffering from isolation, and as a result, is in poor mental and physical condition, has been refuted by experts on the psychology of animal behavior. The experts appointed by the court, confirmed that the animal is in good condition and 100% integrated into the life of the circus, is in perfect relationship with other animals and trainers. In addition, their findings highlighted that it was a grave mistake to remove the elephant from his usual environment, that is, from the circus, because in German "Animal Park" he wouldn't eat anymore and was depressed ... Lawyers claim that this decision will set a precedent in law and can even question the law in the Netherlands which the circus was forbidden to use animals that are not Pets ... So Booboo was returned to the circus "Freiwald" after a forced two-year stay at the animal Park in Germany.