65 years from the date of Foundation of the Directorate of mobile circus troupes Ukraine

In the mid 50-ies of XX century it was decided to create a Ukrainian circus troupe. It was necessary to combine numbers highly professional level, which would reflect the national character and reproduced Ukrainian flavor, and prepare the new rooms. The uniqueness of this program was to provide a characteristic inherent to the Ukrainian people, the valor, the courage, the zeal, the colorful Ukrainian melodies, incendiary folk dances. Great attention was paid to the repertoire and conversational genre, the arena should sound the same, shrewd and witty Ukrainian humor that so captivated the great Gogol. For the program was created bright, colorful Ukrainian costumes, props, decorated with folk ornaments. Was created and the stage group. Its membership has included writers V. of Glazova, N. Tatar, I. Muratov. I. zolotarevskiy, Directors V. Sklyarenko, A. Vasut, E. Siskind, V. Aristov, composers Dmitry Klebanov, A. Sveshnikov, A. Filipenko, I. Doduc, choreographer. Tairov. Leader of the team was appointed by the honored artist of the RSFSR P. Mayatsky.

At this time, created the state enterprise "Directorate of mobile circus troupes Ukraine", which is now the theatrical enterprise of the Ministry of culture of Ukraine and composed of 8 circus troupes, the circus staff consists entirely of young artists-two midgets and a circus-shapito "Fires of Kiev" and "Orbit».

State enterprise "Directorate of mobile circus troupes Ukraine" started its way in the difficult postwar years and had the name "the group "Circus on stage" (group theme №5) with subordination, VTWO "Austerity».

The first actors were the characters, who just returned from the war, among them. Lin, the first Director, honored artist of the Ukrainian SSR. Fomenko – chief Director of the Directorate. In-depth knowledge of circus arts and rich artistic imagination of the founders, helped to successfully put the plays of that time, and artistic attractions. It is important that the idea of creating such an institution was intended to in the most remote corners of the country people were able to see with my own eyes what a circus, to have fun and to feel on equal terms with other people of Ukrainian society. It should be noted that began to work only on enthusiasm and not one year was necessary in order to establish the mechanism.

Over the 65 years of its existence, the Directorate has undergone several organizational changes. It was renamed the Directorate of the Ukrainian collectives "Circus on stage", and on December 16, 1991 during the early life of Ukraine as an independent state started its new life with a new name – Directorate of mobile circus troupes Ukraine and moved to the subordination of the Ministry of culture of Ukraine.

The main activity of the Directorate is the preservation and development of national circus art. Over the years creative circus activities, the Directorate held regular display and promotion of Ukrainian circus art on the territory of the country and beyond, to implement the idea of national revival and development of Ukraine. Repeatedly, the artists of the Directorate went on tour in Poland, Czech Republic, Israel, Lebanon and others.

Within their creative life during the Soviet era, the Directorate took the first place among the Directorates, VTWO "Austerity". ITS artists regularly participated in competitions, parades, circus arts, where it was repeatedly awarded by certificates and diplomas, among which is the honored artist of Ukraine. Shulzhenko, which until recent times in the city of Lugansk were raised generation after generation of young artists. And honored artists of Ukraine Is. Cekatan. Potashnik and V. Marenkov was successful directorial group. V. Marenkov, who went through the war with Yuri Nikulin, he worked in the Directorate until his last breath. He was very dedicated circus arts person, had very many honors.

In June 1989, in honor of the 70th anniversary of the Soviet circus for significant creative achievements of the Directorate was awarded the first prize and title of Laureate of all-Union competition of circus performers. Of the six Directorates of the former Soviet WTO "Austerity" our only current Management, which today has retained its creative potential.

Directorate during the years of its existence gave a ticket to the circus life is not one generation of artists and even many of the artistic dynasties. Among them, many distinguished artists of the USSR, such as the City of Kartukov, Y. Savelyev (senior), M. Svidersky, A. Gruzdev, V. Rudenko, Yu. Kuratko, V. Solodovnikova, as well as young, but talented artists clowns Suck and Ekaterina and Pavel Bahcevan. Note that, the Honored artist of Ukraine Pavel Petrovich Knysh works in management for 45 years, including 26 years as General Director. L. Kulieva and L. Baranov received the title of Honored artists of Ukraine in 2000 on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Directorate. There are among artists of the Directorate and those that engaged in educational work with teenagers, and some present together with the young artists praise the national circus arts on the territory of Ukraine and beyond its borders.