The first national circus collective 60 years

During the existence of the Soviet Union, the First national Circus Collective brought in a professional arena, a galaxy of prominent Ukrainian artists and activists. The history of the First Ukrainian National Circus Team, one of the best in the system "Austerity", still waiting for his comprehension and description. The first such attempt was made in the book of the Kiev historian Mikhail Rybakov "Kiev circus. People, events, and destiny." He wrote this book in the heyday of dashing 90-h and the first edition print run of only one hundred copies paid for out of pocket. "The Ukrainian premiere of the circus team took place in Kiev circus July 23, 1956. In the epilogue involved the entire circus troupe, choir, orchestra, and auxiliary staff. Directors of the premiere performance was people's artist of the USSR. Woodrow Wilson and the honored artist of the RSFSR P. Mayatsky. Part in the production also took home the Director of the Kiev circus, Vladimir Parkhomenko and the Director of the Kiev circus. Chernenko. The orchestra which accompanied the performances, led. V. Petrov. The program included artists of different genres: trapeze Krylenko, musical jugglers and eccentric Filippenko, plastic etude performed by Lisinenko, antipode Mikitjuk, "Music kitchen" artists Alekseenko, dance-acrobatic ensemble "Hutsul acrobats" under management. Maksimova, air ride loop N. Sorokina and P. Mayak "Bear fun" A. Podcerkwa, acrobats-Voltigeurs V. Fomenko, Galankin, S. Belov, equestrian room rogalski, musical eccentrics A. Aronov and V. Bayda. The program included also rooms, which represented the genre of clowning - clowns Cover K. Musin, V. P. Biden and Hooves, the clown called "Anonymous" (United artists V. Baida, A. Tooth, P. Hooves. S. Korach) and a satirical-comic room (artists P. vodolaha and F. Prigogine). After successful performances in Kiev begin touring the Soviet Union. 1960 the team has performed successfully in Moscow, where at that time were the Decade of Ukrainian art and culture. The program that was prepared to tour the Soviet capital, was given the title "Hello, Moscow!". Was in the program and then unfamiliar to the wider public performers, among them Elvira Kosyachenko, future, honored artist of Ukraine, the equestrian room "Zaporizhzhya Cossacks". Great success enjoyed a number of musical eccentrics Elena and Boris Grin. Completed the performance of the Ukrainian circus troupe in Moscow attraction Mazika "Ball of courage».

The composition of the team changed, had to stand on the rehearsal period. In the press in some places there were even reports that the band has ceased its performance. But after each break, the tour resumed invariably. Kiev circus took over the care of artistic and professional status of the team.

In 1967, the program of the Ukrainian team became the attraction Lyudmila and Vladimir Shevchenko "Tamed lioness", and in 1970, Vladimir Shevchenko, head of the Ukrainian circus troupe. In 1980 Vladimir Shevchenko began to form a new young squad of Ukrainian team, which becomes the best national team "Counterstirke».

The poster appeared new names. Equilibrists under management of honoured artist of Ukraine Anatoliy Stetsenko, their room was called "Flying pens". This phrase seems incredible - because usually while performing stunts for the balancer according to the first extremely important is the most stable position of the props, and here - flying pens! But I must say that this name exactly reflects the essence of the performance - when the artist Natalia Stetsenko climbed before, the artist-the bottom raised this before and threw it together with the artist. This room is demanded from performers ranice accuracy and balance movements, good physical preparation and training. In any way it was impossible to prevent the heavy, heavy for the first flight to the hands of the partner has lost clearly a vertical position, then balance would be lost, before inevitably would collapse to the arena ... Such transfers-the first flight was repeated trudovymi different combinations several times.

Participated in the Ukrainian part of the circus team gymnasts on so-called triple horizontal bar with ten rungs. Led a group of gymnasts honored artist of Ukraine Igor Bessarab. Triple horizontal bar artists performed not only complex solo stunts. but wholesale, when four, six or seven people at a time, often simultaneously or in sequence flying from bar to bar, changing places, creating a complex composite drawing of the flight. The room was well built and had the exact drama - no stretching and nothing more.

In the preparation and updating programs of the Ukrainian team was attended by the Director and artistic Director of the Kiev circus, people's artist of the Ukrainian SSR Boris Hare, choreographer and Director, honored artist of the Ukrainian SSR Alexander Zaitsev, talented writers, artists and composers. Performances took place in many cities of Georgia, Armenia, Latvia, Uzbekistan, Russia, Belarus. His productions have been viewed more than 5 000 000 foreign spectators. Ukrainian team ceased to exist some time after the collapse of the Soviet Union, in 1996.